Located right in the south of San Francisco Taqueria Las Pencas, one of the most authentic and unique Mexican establishments in the area. With a delicious assortment of Oaxaca Mexican food we know that there is no better place to get quality take away or food delivery. We offer fresh dishes with ingredients that are always authentic and delicious. We accept all credit cards, and we guarantee our delivery service will be fast and the food will arrive very hot. truly our delicious cuisine!



We have the purpose of giving our clients an unforgettable experience, providing extraordinary dishes that are the product of the passion and imagination of the team of professionals we have the pleasure of calling family.

When the original concept of the taqueria was developed, the pencas always had the idea of a taqueria in mind. That is, a place with a neighborhood flavor, a place where people could find not only a fresh, light and large menu. claims, but also, the possibility of being attended personally. Combining these aspects with different flavors predominantly
taqueria las pencas has managed to recreate the feeling of having come home, to the place where we are known, where we are spoken by our name, they miss us after an absence and remember our tastes and preferences.

319 Baden Ave South San Francisco, CA 94080

taqueria las pencas